Athletic Recruiting Video to help your athlete land an athletic scholarship

There is no denying the crucial role athletic recruiting videos can play for many student-athletes in their recruiting process. College coaches are extremely busy. It would be impossible for them to evaluate every potential recruit in person. Highlight videos are a chance to get student-athletes in front of coaches. Recruiting videos give the coaches an unbiased look at their skills and abilities. It’s a fact that online recruiting profiles that include a highlight video receive more than 10 times as much traffic as those without one. A great highlight video can sometimes be a difference-maker that gets a student-athlete some serious attention from college coaches.

Highlight video vs. skills video

A highlight video is exactly that: Clips of your game footage that highlight your talent and skill. These videos are important because they save coaches time by allowing them to quickly review hundreds of student-athletes without having to visit them in person.

A skills video, unlike a highlight video, includes a series of staged sport-specific actions outside of a game setting. It is not necessary for every sport or position but can be a helpful way to demonstrate to coaches your technical abilities and mastery of a key skill.

Athletic Recruiting Reels include:

  • Athlete bio and achievements
  • Slow motion effect, that emphasizes on the athlete’s skill
  • Frame freeze to capture an outstanding moment
  • Background music to set the mood and tempo
  • Contact info of the athlete
  • Highlight of the player, because coaches need to focus on you

At Gift Video Production, we offer professional editing for all your footage. However, we love sports and we make sure our highlight videos stand out from the crowd. Check out our extensive blog on sport filming, sport videos and some of our athletic highlight reels.

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