Tips for a fun photo slideshow

Video slideshows can be a great way to showcase an event or create a tribute to someone or something.  They can bring your still photos and video clips to life in a way that people can enjoy for years to come.

Check out these tips for a better photo slideshow

Photo slideshow editing


Ideally a photo slideshow shouldn’t last longer, than 3-4 minutes. Audience often lose interest after that. Select your best photos and number them, so it’s easier to place them to a correct sequence. If a picture displays for about 5 seconds, that means 48 pictures.


Choose your theme. Would you like to add elegance or fun? When we edit a photo slideshow, there are many techniques, that help. From adding the right tone to the colors, using the proper transitions, adjusting the tempo at which the photos are displayed, choosing the appropriate music all help to add specific style to your slideshow.


Transitions need to be chosen according the style and mood of the slideshow. Most often, we use subtle, simple and elegant transitions, but depending on the project, sometimes we add more motion to add more visual engagement.


Picking the right music to a slideshow is critical. We work with an extensive music library, that allows us to pick the best possible music for any photo/video project. The right music not only has to match the mood and style of the photos, but the pace as well. The music, we provide has no copyright limitation, which means, you are free to upload your ready photo slideshow without copyright infringement. Your photo slideshow can also include a copyrighted song (Ex. If you’d like to have the same song, you had on the wedding), but you will be limited displaying the slideshow (Ex. on Youtube), as it contains copyrighted material.


More often than not – you are not your audience, it’s important to keep in mind, who they are.  And the assumptions you make during the preparation of your slideshow might be way off mark if you don’t think of “them” as well (or instead of) “you”.

Perfect gift & keepsake

Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, anniversaries and just about any other special occasion. Photo slideshows are personal and most often lead to tears of joy, laughter. Special messages in the intro or outro can add the perfect personal touch.

Let us do the work for you. Sure you’ve got the photos – but you may not have the skills, interest or time to make a great slideshow. We have many years of experience in editing. From professional color correction to the perfect music selection, we have it covered. We offer professional video editing services Canada-wide.

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