Video Enhancement

To improve Your Videos & Clarify the details, you need

Evidence & Information Recovery

Video Surveillance cameras and smartphones are everywhere and the footage captured by them is widely used. The problem; however, is that the images are often dark and important details are difficult to see. We have the ability to capture, edit, slow motion, sharpen, brighten, highlight and many other options when it comes to making your video look its best!

Colour and Balance Correction

Whether we’re fixing white balance or excessive exposure problems, creating visual coherence in balance and tone, implementing facial enhancements or scene-to-scene matching, we’ll bring visual continuity to your message. Improve lighting, colour and exposure with video color correction services  that ensure your message is as consistent as your colour.


If you take handheld videos (on your smartphone, for example), the videos probably end up shaky. Both unprofessional and bothersome to watch. Extreme sport enthusiasts, who mount their action cameras on a fast moving object will also experience shakiness. Applying careful stabilization to your footage will bring it to a whole new level and will be much more pleasant to watch.

Zoom & Frame Freeze

When you need to focus and clarify certain detail in a video. When you have to take a closer look somewhere, we will freeze the frame at the right fraction of a second, zoom in, magnify and clarify the detail, that can’t be seen by simply watching the video.

We offer Professional Video Enhancement and Editing services for all your media and not limited to what’s above.  Let us know, what you need. And because not everything is possible, we offer a free evaluation. Send us the file, the detail, you’d like to be clarified and to what level it needs to be clarified. We will only take your project, if your requests are doable. Email us directly for further information. Video Enhancement and Editing Service Toronto and Canada-wide.


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