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To Clarify the Audio you need to hear

You can record audio on an increasingly diverse range of digital devices, including cellphones, dictaphones, cameras, laptops and much more. And while these devices are very handy, their audio recording capabilities are often very poor. Adding the unwanted background sounds to the limitations of these devices can result to a completely useless mass of noise. Such audio in its native format is often distorted and would be useless or lack impact. We offer a full range of audio enhancement service, provided at the highest possible standards with cutting edge audio restoration technology. Forensic Audio Service, Forensic Audio Toronto, clarify audio



And because not everything is possible, we offer a free evaluation. Send us the file, the detail, you’d like to be clarified and to what level it needs to be clarified. We will only take your project, if your requests are doable. Email us directly for further information. Forensic Audio Service Toronto and Canada-wide.


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