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Audio Enhancement Service To Clarify the Audio you need to hear

audio enhancement service, Forensic audio TorontoAudio recordings are not always of a high enough sound quality.  Therefore, it’s difficult or even impossible for the listener to be able to understand what is being said or who is saying it. Background noises, other voices, technical issues and static noises can reduce the quality of original audio recordings. We have state of the art equipment which allows us to reduce or in some cases completely eliminate any unnecessary noise interferences, in order to improve the quality of the recording. It is possible to enhance any form of audio material. We provide high level of audio enhancement service. Forensic audio Toronto, audio restoration service, clarify audio

Many audio and video recordings have unwanted background noise. This is associated with poorly placed microphones, noise induced during recording, excessive background noise, and low volume speaking. Furthermore, we can enhance audio using simple equalization, however some require filters. We extract, enhance, analyze and restore poorly recorded audio from all sources and formats. Ex. as video footage, dictaphones, cell phones and other formats for use as evidence. We accomplish audio enhancement by using a range of technical procedures on the sound recording. This will reveal details that could otherwise be unclear. Forensic audio Toronto audio restoration service

And because not everything is possible, we offer a free evaluation. Send us the file, the detail, you’d like to be clarified and to what level it needs to be clarified. We will only take your project, if your requests are doable. Email us directly for further information. Audio Enhancement Service, Forensic Audio Service Toronto and Canada-wide.


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