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It all starts with a good highlight video. If coaches are interested in recruiting you, they will want to see you play. Sometimes, you are fortunate and coaches see you play at a tournament or showcase and then initiate contact with you. But, more often, you will have to make the first move to reach out to the coach. And one of their first questions will be “do you have a video of yourself playing?”

Your highlight video is the first step, you need to take in the sport recruitment process. A professional looking athletic recruit reel can greatly increase your chances of getting looked at by college coaches. Put yourself in the position of the coach and imagine how many of these recruiting videos they watch in a single recruiting season. Think about how many players won’t end up playing at that team. These tips will help you.

Solid video camera with tripod

Smartphones although capable capturing decent video, but your hockey highlight video is better off captured with a good camcorder. Set your camcorder on the highest resolution. Unlike a smartphone, your camcorder will more likely be able to store lengthy videos on high resolution. Use a tripod to avoid shakiness, avoid handholding camera, if you can.

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Film everything

Your digital storage is limitless. Good to have lot of extra footage, so you can pick and choose best moments. Eventually you will end up with a 5 minute hockey highlight video, edited from many hours of practices and games.

Right angles

Hockey is one of the most difficult sports to film, because the action on the ice is moving so quickly. Unlike with other sports, you cannot move with the play. Always good to have a variety of angles to keep the video interesting. Have both close and far shots of hockey.

From few steps up the ice level to overview the field. If the video resolution is high enough, we can zoom in and follow a particular player. These shots are used for watching a game overall, beginning and end of the game and/or period.

From the ice level, close as possible to the field and player. Of course, you never know, when the particular player will have a great moment and be close to the camera at the same time. But take your chances and film at every opportunity you have.

Having a professionally edited athletic reel will give you an advantage over other players and open more doors for you. Our professional hockey recruiting video service is quick and convenient.

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