Stabilization for shaky videos

Shaky Videos

If your footage sometimes looks as there is an earthquake, it’s not your fault (or maybe it is). No hand-held video will be perfectly steady, even shots made on a tripod can get the jitters. Shooting handheld allows for greater spontaneity. It helps you capture the moment instead of setting up to capture the moment and ultimately missing it. In many cases, a somewhat shaky shot is better than missing the shot altogether! Handheld shooting offers unique and dynamic perspectives. It encourages you to be creative and find new angles to help tell your story. You also maintain a lower profile. This is key for making people feel more comfortable when being filmed. Now, let’s look at ways you can improve your handheld technique and the shakiness of your videos. If you have a shaky video, you need stabilization.

Explore variety of tripods and pick one, that suits your needs

A tripod is an essential accessory for every camcorder owner. While you can usually hold a camera steady for long enough to snap a quick picture, it becomes difficult to maintain a steady frame with just your arms when recording video. To stabilize the image and achieve a professional look, a tripod is necessary. When looking at tripods, it is important to consider height, build and panning features. If you just need a steady shot, chances are you can get away with a cheap aluminum tripod. More professional needs require a sturdier carbon fiber model that can adjust to any angle to achieve a shot.

Learn about hand-holding techniques to minimize shakiness on your videos

Watch this quick video and see, what stabilization can do to your footage.


Stuck with a shaky footage and trying stabilization? Stabilization can be tricky business. Depending on the footage, its shakiness and your software. If you’re lucky, it can be a click in your editing software, so worth a try. If you’re out of luck and can’t handle it, send us a message and see what we can do for you.

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