Simple Tips for making your videos look more professional

Shoot it right the first time for a lifetime of memories!

Source of light

Brightness and contrast can be improved post-production, but it’s better to get the shot right on the day of the shoot than relying on “fixing it in post” later on. Try to ensure that your primary light source is even and consistent. Make sure you are not facing the camera to the light source. Use the proper settings on your camera, if the light conditions aren’t optimal.


Air conditioners or just the crowd itself; many things produce noise. Specially, when recording events, noise is a very important factor. If the camera is closer to the noise source, than to the people, you are recording, the noise will mask the speech and it’s very difficult to correct at editing; many times not possible. You might want to consider using microphones and record the audio separately and/or try to film as close as possible to the people you’re filming.


Position the main area of interest in your shot. Too little or too much headroom can ruin a shot. As simple as it seems, this is one of the most common mistakes. People paying more attention to the live event, they are filming, than how the shot will turn out. We don’t want to miss these special moments. If you are planning to film such an event, try to mount the camera on a tripod a little further away. This will ensure everyone is in frame and you don’t need to pay attention to the shot. We can later, during the editing, zoom in.

Camera settings

For best results, get familiar with your camcorder’s setting. you should choose the best quality settings (make sure, you have enough memory on hand). If you are using multiple cameras, they should have the same settings. Test all of your equipment well before the day of the event to verify that everything is working well

Backup batteries & Memory

Make sure, you have enough on hand and can be replaced quickly. Portable powerbanks, chargers are excellent alternatives to backup batteries.

Tripod vs. handheld

Steady hold of the camera is critical. Shaky videos are very bothersome, can be improved in editing, but easier to avoid this issue. Hand movement with the camera should be avoided. Steady shots are easiest to achieve with the use of a tripod. Watch a video to illustrate this problem.

Steady handheld videos

Phone videos

Best to avoid recording in a vertical position with cell phones, it will result pillarbox effect (two black area beside the image), when you play the video back on a wide screen, like tv or computer.

More on phone videos

How to fix vertical videos

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