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We all want a record of those important moments in family life. Birthdays, christenings, first days at school – these are all times that we hope to remember many years into the future. The wonder of video is its ability to help us achieve this. When you’re making family home videos, it’s easy to just pick up your camcorder and press “record.” Sometimes you’ll record unforgettable moments, and end up making home movies that will be treasured forever. But, sometimes pressing record haphazardly means pressing your luck. Instead of making home movies your family can enjoy, you just end up with lousy footage that’s not worth watching. Home video editing service is here for you to help from shooting to finalizing your movie.

These easy tips will help you shoot better family home videos:

Know your camcorder/phone settings

You’ll want to get comfortable with the controls and the operation of the video camera, either by reading through the manual or just shoot some practice footage around the house. Light. Plenty of light will make an incredible difference in the quality of the video footage that you shoot. Shooting outside will give you the best results, but if you’re shooting inside, try to turn on as many lights as possible, and bring them close to your video subject. For filming outside, avoid facing the sun.


Video is a very visual medium, but don’t forget that recorded sound plays an important part in making home movies. Always be conscious of the background sound, and try to control it as much as possible. The phone/camera’s microphone will pick up the closest sound to it. If you are recording a speaker in the other end of the room, while people in the room talking, chances are the speaker will not be audible too well. I have tried to rescue a footage of a proposal with this very problem before, but even editing doesn’t do magic.

Hold your shot

Each shot should be held for at least 10 seconds. This can seem like an eternity, but you’ll thank yourself later. Better to have more footage, than less. It may feel like you’ve got enough footage after recording for only 2 or 3 seconds, but those few seconds will fly by later.

Look at the details

Sometimes, you are so focused on your subject that you don’t notice the surrounding elements of the scene. Only later, when you are reviewing the footage do you notice an unsightly trash can in the background or a tree sticking out of your subject’s head, not to mention an AC constantly humming and masking out the audio.

How to choose the right video camera

Tips for shooting great videos with your phone

Home Video Editing Service

Our business offers a service that makes home video editing really easy. Well, in a nutshell, we do it for you. Whether it’s romantic wedding moments, a corporate training video, hours of happy family memories or exciting GoPro footage, we take away the hassle of editing. You captured memories, we’ll make them last!

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