Real Estate Video Service

Posting real estate videos on your website and social media channels can help your agency in many ways. Listing videos can help generate buyer leads. Neighborhood tour videos can position you as a local expert. Brand explainer videos can relay your firm’s unique value proposition.

The value of video is clear. But, the challenge is creating and publishing your own. If you’re looking for more ideas or inspiration to help you get started, you’re in luck. We offer Real-estate video service for all your property and listing video needs.

Video marketing for Real-Estate

Quick Video Editing Service for you

Send us your videos, voice-overs, music or anything you’d like to include in your project. Use your Google drive or Dropbox or get access to our secure server. Send us your instructions, ideas and samples. Your project should be ready in a few days for your review. Request changes, share your feedback. We will make these revisions for you free of charge and finalize your video according to your needs. Online request, online access, online payment, quick and professional results.

Where do I start?

Let’s explore the essential steps you need to cover to achieve the video that matches your vision.

  1. Transfer all of your footage from your camera to your computer.
  2. Make a script for the video, write down the story line or sequence of the parts of the story.
  3. Review your files. Make notes on which segment, you want to use from each your video files.
  4. Now comes handy the edit/cut list. Organize your thoughts and vision for the video with the help of this template. What text, dialogue, effect goes where.

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