Tips for making better Explainer Videos

Explainer videos explain what your product or service does and why people need to buy it. You see them everywhere. They can be real life product videos or whiteboard videos. Companies are using them to explain what their product or service is, in hopes that it will boost their conversion rates. When used effectively, video can truly help you accomplish anything – be it to increase sales, educate customers, or humanize your brand.

Instructional Video Production is a little bit more complex, more detailed video, that actually teaches the consumer how to use a certain product or learn a new skill.

These videos are perfect for your homepage and social media sites.

Instructional Video Production


Optimally, explainer videos should be 2-minutes or less. The shorter, the better. The less you say, the more likely people will remember. You might have a lot you want to tell people about your business, service or brand, but the video is meant to be an overview, the “hook” that gets people interested in taking the next step. Animated videos tend to be shorter, than regular videos, mostly under a minute.


The most important part of an explainer video is the SCRIPT not the actual video quality. Whether you have a high quality video or a mediocre one, if the script isn’t good, it won’t work well. You know your business or service the best, probably the best person to write the script and not the video production company. The goal of the video is to answer all of your potential customers’ questions and concerns. Before you start writing your script, you need to survey your readers. What else would they like to see on this page? What’s the number 1 reason that is stopping them from buying? What’s their biggest concern about this product or service? Is there anything that is confusing on your page?


Voice-over or text? Explainer videos can either use voice overs with the video, and/or text. The approach depends on the length of the video and the amount of information, you’d like to display. Generally speaking, people don’t like to read too much and they will probably tune out, if you are forcing them to really pay attention and read what’s on the screen. I would say that if your video is short enough, say 30 seconds or so, text should be fine. It also depends on what you are explaining in your video. If it is something technical, sometimes having a voice over can help simplify it. If it is a really simple video, then just text can be sufficient. Some explainer videos have both voice-over and text that complements the narrator (in some cases, is a direct translation); that may be an option. Why use videos on your website?

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a video style that shows the viewer static images being drawn on the screen. Typically the illustrations are accompanied by a narration that walks the audience through the story that is being told within the drawing. While whiteboard videos are very common and effective, but animated video is always a less personal choice, than a real life video.

So this animated video needs to elevate your brand, separate you from the competition, and inspire your best prospects to think, feel, and then do something… right? Explainer videos, that make you business.

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