Tips for an effective athletic recruiting video

Your athletic recruiting reel is the first step, you need to take in the sport recruitment process. A good athletic recruiting video can make a huge difference in your chances of getting an athletic scholarship. In many cases, your highlight video is your greatest shot to get the attention of a coach. Coaches look for specific things in video, and there are steps you can take to make your sure your video gets the attention, it deserves! Check out a few of our projects for field hockey and soccer.

Every year, thousands of college coaches go in search of high school athletes who can help improve their programs. At the same time, an even larger number of high school athletes and their parents spend months in search of the “right school”, the “right program”. We help both sides win by putting together quality sport recruit reel from your footage.

Highlight Reels are designed with the athlete AND the coach in mind. We help highlight the skills, that college coaches want to see in an athletic recruiting video.

We’ll provide the athlete with the properly encoded video files optimized for upload to YouTube, Facebook, and any of the recruiting service web sites as part of their individual player profile.

Multiple games, practices and b-roll

Record multiple games and practices, so we will be able to focus on the best parts from each game. It’s better to have the camera on at all times, as you never know, when the best moments coming. An athletic recruiting video focuses on the player’s skills, but it’s also nice to add some videos, that show off the team spirit (if that applies to your sport), this could either be a team photo or a team celebration after a win. It’s also a nice touch to include some off the field/pre-game/post-game footage of the player to show the character.

  • Highest quality

Record with the highest quality setting. Especially with sport videos, quality, resolution is critical. Be aware of lighting issues, unfortunately there isn’t too much you can do about it, except try not to face the camera toward the light source. Athletic videos are almost always recorded in bad lighting conditions and have to be color corrected in editing. Having said this, it’s still more important to catch the best moments, than to have the perfect filming environment.


Use multiple angles for recording. Watching a video from the same angle will get boring quickly. Try to get near the middle of the field, in other words, for football, the 50-yard line and for lacrosse and soccer, the mid-field line. Use the mid point of the field as your centre and try to get as high as you can in order to shoot from an elevated angle. Try to get as close as possible to the players. It’s always better to be close, than to zoom.

Follow the player

As you will have to follow the player with the camera, it’s important to mount the camera on a tripod. You will get lot more steady shots. Make sure camera movements are slow and not jerky. If you are zooming, zoom slowly. If you are filming your athlete among other players on the field, during the editing, it’s critical to highlight the person in interest. Pointing out the number of the player is not sufficient enough for a stranger to follow your athlete.

Have all your footage ready to go and need a great athletic recruiting reel? Hockey recruiting video? Lets help you get the college athletic scholarship, you deserve.



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