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Filmed a proposal, a birthday or a graduation and ended up with hours of video? Now you need to bring the best out of it, as you can’t make anyone watch a 2 hour uncut video. We offer family video service Toronto and its surrounding areas.

Movie style to your videos

We help you bring the best out of your videos! Wedding videos are meant to last a lifetime. If your wedding video or birthday party video is recorded with multiple cameras, then we can choose the best camera angle for each moment. The audience would want to be looking at different points during the talk, if they were in the room. It’s more engaging to the audience to see the speaker’s facial expressions and body language, as they speak.

Background Music

Choosing the right background music is critical to any special event video and not only, we have the experience to find the perfect music for your video, but an extensive music library to choose from. Wedding videos and proposal videos usually include the couple’s special song, that was played during the event, but for birthday or graduation videos, we have more options.

The little extras

Using effects and animation, we can add humor to a birthday party, or elegance to a wedding video. Titles and messages are the little extras, that help make a special event video even more memorable. While people will still remember of the wedding date, other dates or event information often get forgotten. It’s nice to include the place and the date of a proposal, or have the special messages from friends, shown on a birthday video.

Short & Sweet

Keeping a video engaging and interesting for a period of time is no easy task. People have short attention span, when watching event videos or any other lengthy video. There are many tricks and techniques, that can help keeping the interest and engagement from the audience. If you have ever tried to watch a 2-hour long uncut birthday video, you’ll know, what I mean. It is critical to edit the hours of raw footage and keeping only the best moments.

At Gift Video Production, we specialize on turning raw footage into amazing little films, offering a trusted family video service to Toronto and surrounding areas. You select the best part of your videos and let us do the rest, we correct and edit your videos. You captured memories, we’ll make them last! Watch some of our videos and get inspired!

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