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Music video productionPerformance Music Videos

These types of music videos focus on the artist and his performance. They mainly target the pop and rock genres. The artist would be performing on the stage with his band in front of the audience. Music video production for Performance Videos are cheaper to produce as they don’t require additional setting. But apart from the advantages these music videos at one point could be boring and also they could lack creativity.

Narrative Music Videos

Narrative videos are when there is a story playing in the music video. While these videos cost more to record or produce, they also engage the audience more easily.


Concept Music Videos

Concept music videos usually have no storyline and have no relation with the lyrical content of the song. The video usually has no concept, no plot to follow. It is interpretive and could have polysomic ending therefore leaving up to the audience to decide. It is usually the most remembered by the audience due to its uniqueness and creativity.

Lyric videos

Lyric videos display the lyrics of the song. You can have the lyrics over video, pictures, textures, solids or over CGI (3D models background). Text is synced to the music. Lyric videos transformed into little movies in time, became very popular.

Music Video Production can be budget friendly particularly the lyric and the performance type. Just starting in the music industry and have a low budget, get yourself a cheap music video with a decent quality.

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