Tips for a low-budget music video

music video productionMusic video production can get very expensive. Coming up with a low budget music video requires planning and creativity, but it is possible without sacrificing quality. Think of a music video much like a movie, or, for that matter, just like the song itself. Your video needs to progress visually in the same way that the music progresses and evolves through the song.


Using your creativity is completely free and there are no limits on how much you use, or what it can achieve. Creativity can be applied to every aspect of creating and promoting your band video from sourcing funding to casting, special effects, obtaining gear and social media engagement.



Be honest with yourself. How much can you really afford to spend on your music video? Borrowing equipment, using a free location, doing your own post production or getting a friend to do it for you, will only get you so far. It will still cost a few hundred dollars to make your own music video. Choose a style for your video that fits your band and is affordable.


Budget music video production starts with your own crew. Friends and family of the band. That being the case they need to understand the fundamentals of what you are trying to do, and essentially, how to operate the equipment they will be using. Make sure you review what you shoot again and again. And again.


With a little effort you should be able to find loads of free locations including colleges and universities, parks, churches, warehouses, public buildings, train and bus stations, woods, car parks, shopping malls… the list goes. Yet again, pick a location that fits with the style of your video.


If you can’t borrow professional standard gear you will be able to rent it. Your gear will also partly be dictated by the style of video you have decided on and what exactly you intend to do with it. If you plan to go for an amateur look and feel then you can of course shoot using consumer video cameras, even camera phones. However, lighting will still be an important factor.

Are you tight on budget for your next music video production? Try producing and shooting your own footage and let us add the professional touch to them. For your next project:


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