Social Media Video Tips & Strategies

You know the importance of a great social media video strategy, but is your brand doing everything possible to see positive results? While that might seem like a heavy question, it’s always smart to dissect your video content and see what you can do better.

Social Media Video Strategies

There are various ways you can approach your social media video content. But how will your audience have a cohesive understanding between your images and video content? What’s your primary goal for creating videos? What types of video content will you use for your brand: educational, holiday themed or lead gen teasers? These articles will help foster and grow your overall strategy.

Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Video Specs

First thing’s first, you need to learn specs, sizes, dimensions and ratios to all your social media videos. This also includes your social media ad videos as well.


Make a Great Holiday Video for Your Business

Businesses use the holidays to connect with their audiences and it’s no different for video content. Creating videos like year in reviews, season’s greetings or thanking the troops can go a long way into showing audiences you’re participating in the holiday.


Another network becoming more reliant on video is Instagram. With Stories, 60-second videos and Instagram Live, the network is all about video content. However, the popularity of video content on Instagram is relatively new and several brands haven’t dived deep enough to strategize.

With the rapid adoption of video content on Instagram, the network has provided marketers with plenty of avenues for engagement.

Using video for Instagram Ads is a great way to get users to stop the scroll and engage with your content. However, most users will keep scrolling if they see “Sponsored” or if your content isn’t catchy.

Instagram Stories users continue to grow and it’s quickly becoming the go-to for “in-the-moment content.” Whether you’re wanting to advertise or post organic content, it’s smart to adopt an Instagram Stories strategy to increase brand awareness.


Video content on Facebook is a great way to increase awareness around your organic and paid content. If you’re promoting exclusive content or a source for general information, your brand has to provide context. Facebook expects to see video content take over text in the future, so get your video strategy going now.

One of the most unique ways you can connect with your audience is through live video streams. While live streaming is relatively new to Facebook, several brands are already taking advantage of the content type.

With Facebook videos, you have to understand how users will see and interact with your content. For example, some may watch on mobile without sound, while others may never click into the video at all.

Looking for a way to easily publish your video content and track the metrics all in one place? With Sprout’s Facebook Video Publishing, this is now possible. See why video content is critical to any social media manager and how Sprout can make publishing content hassle free.


Another major player with social media video is YouTube. As the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube is the mecca of social media video content. However, your brand can’t expect to start a channel with a few videos and see results.

You first need to learn about how to properly set up a YouTube account before you start posting content. Putting effort into your account first will help you streamline content once you’re ready.

If your video content on YouTube isn’t performing as well as you’d like, it might be time to reevaluate your strategy.

Having video assets is essential to nearly any business wanting to market its brand. But choosing the right “home” for your video content might be more difficult than you think. While YouTube is a staple network, there are benefits to sites like Vimeo as well.

Once you’ve produced and published your YouTube video content, it’s time to analyze it. Dissecting your YouTube analytics helps you understand what’s resonating with your audience or what type of content is performing best organically.


If we’re going to talk about social media video content, we can’t forget the new guy in the group, Snapchat. This social media network has since gone public after its in-the-moment content became popular with younger generations. While Snapchat doesn’t have an easy way to track analytics, it’s still a space some businesses want to explore.

To get started, you want to learn the in’s and out’s of Snapchat marketing before you start posting a bunch of video content. This network is unique compared to other channels. When it comes down to it, you’re ultimately trying to connect Snapchat users to your product or service. While it’s smart to not be overly promotional, you still have to creatively use your Snapchat for selling.

At Gift Video Production, we offer professional video editing services Canada-wide. If you are up for the challenge to shoot your own footage, we will bring them to the next level, while helping you keep your production costs down. Search our blog for many more video tips and contact us to get your video project started!

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