Video Marketing on Social Media: Twitter

Twitter Video is Quick, Personal, and Entertaining. Twitter is the silent hero when it comes to social video content. While everyone is talking about other social media sites, Twitter continues to innovate its video platform – bringing new ways for brands to share video on Twitter to light. social media video production

Did you know that 82% of users watch social video content and that an additional 41% of them say that Twitter is a “great place” to discover educational video content?

Social media marketers know that Twitter is a highly-personal and engaging platform when you take time to interact. There is so much content these days that one of the only ways to win on Twitter is to dive into those 1-on-1 relationships. Create personal content on Twitter and take the extra time to follow up in an authentic way.

For videos on Twitter, here’s a quick cheat sheet for making the most of them:

  • Humanize your videos. Videos showing people in the first moments are 2x more like to be viewed (source)
  • Tell a story. Videos that have a clear beginning, middle, and end can increase viewership (source)
  • Videos that simply aim to entertain your audience can lead to a 15% higher intent to share (source)
  • Maximum video length is 140 seconds with a file size of up to 512mb (source)
  • The video format supported for mobile apps are MP4 and MOV (source)

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