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Use Snapchat videos & Instagram videos to get your brand noticed! Take advantage of social media.

Snapchat Video is Raw, Authentic, and Going Mainstream

Users are currently watching an incredible 10 billion Snapchat videos per day on the platform, up from 8 billion in February. The sky is the limit for Snapchat and brands are quickly jumping aboard – figuring out what content is driving the most engagement and growth on this platform. For a lot of users, especially the younger generation, Snapchat is a premier form of communication. This makes Snapchat an important channel to be active on as an influencer or brand.


A quick cheat sheet for Snapchat video marketing best-practices:

  • Add text and drawings to your video! People watch 33% of Snapchat videos without sound
  • Make the 1st Snap count. We’ve found that 22% of viewers drop off after one Snap
  • Record in a vertical format. Viewers tend to engage more with content that looks and feels native
  • Provide a variety of content that your users will find either entertaining or helpful

Instagram Video is Captivating, Thoughtful, and Inspiring

With the recent launch of Instagram Stories, Instagram is the new major player when it comes to social video. Brands and marketers are jumping on the new feature, testing it out, and looking for ways to stay at the top of user’s minds. The main question, however, is how do Instagram Stories differ from the video marketing content on Snapchat?

When Instagram first introduced video in 2013, people shared more than 5 million videos within the first 24 hours. We’re seeing a similar trend with Instagram Stories as marketers look to find what works on the new medium. What we do know is that the introduction of this new feature has opened up tons of new video marketing opportunities on Instagram.


Here’s a quick list of video marketing best-practices on Instagram:

  • Use “square” or 1:1 format. Studies show it costs 33% less to get someone to engage with square video
  • Think “no sound.” Instagram requires that you “tap video for sound” meaning silence is automatic
  • Part of the appeal of Instagram is the quality of content. Aim to keep your videos on par with your photos
  • Posts with at least one hashtag get 12% more engagement. Remember to optimize captions & tags
  • Instagram Stories allows uploading of videos within 24 hours of being “added” to your phone. Anything you create on your computer and send to your phone counts within that rule
  • “Bring your photos to life” with Instagram Stories. Behind-the-scenes looks at how the photo was created

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