Video Marketing for Real Estate


Video Testimonials

Testimonials are huge for establishing trust and everyone is going to do some research into your reputation before working with you. After you’ve sold a home film a quick video testimonial with the happy customer. It doesn’t need to be longer than a minute. Include these on your website as reasons why customers should do business with you.

Listing Videos

You should film a video walkthrough for every home you’re selling. Video is a very powerful way to showcase the unique features of your listings while giving a much more detailed look at the property than you could ever give with just photos. Real Estate marketing Video:

Agent Profile Videos

These videos help your clients get to know you. They make you much more personal and human and help build trust. If you have a team of agents then you should have video profiles of all of them on your staff page.

Neighborhood videos

Potential home buyers are looking at much more than just the house, they’re also looking at the neighborhood. Film a quick video showcasing the neighborhood and include that with the listing. Talk about parks, schools, restaurants and other local businesses in the area and show them too.

Informational videos

Informational videos are a fantastic way to provide value to your followers by providing them with information. You can record videos on everything from financing tips or selling tips to how to do common home repairs and other DIY projects. Real Estate Marketing Video:


Live streams are incredibly popular right now and you can use them to run a virtual open house. You can showcase a home or neighborhood and interact with people from anywhere in real time as they send in questions. Live streams are incredibly easy to set up using free apps like Periscope or YouTube Live.

In Conclusion

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and according to the Guardian one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words! The research is clear that video is the future of online marketing so it’s time to start taking advantage of it today. Otherwise your competition will leave you behind.

Take a look at these popular real-estate video ad templates, that can be customized with your photos, videos, voice-over and text:

At Gift Video Production, we offer professional video editing services Canada-wide. If you are up for the challenge to shoot your own footage, we will bring them to the next level, while helping you keep your production costs down. Search our blog for many more video tips and contact us to get your video project started! Editing Video Online.

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