How to film Soccer

We gathered a few important soccer specific filming tips, that will help you make a much better soccer video. Since your highlight video is the first step, you need to take in the sport recruitment process, let’s try to make the best of it by try filming it right.

Camera position

If you want the best view of the field, get the highest angle possible. This allows you to view shape and see how phases of play develop. Or you can tape from the coach’s side if the referee allows it to minimize the number of people who walk in front of the camera or talk to you while taping.

Use a Tripod

You can get by without using a tripod, but it’s definitely a tool we recommend. Investing in a tripod will ensure you have a stable, smooth stream when reviewing video. Set up the tripod early and make it level and stable. Mount the camera and turn it on. Pan the field from goal to goal, looking through the view finder to check that the top of the bar on each goal hits the view frame at about the same place. If it does not, the tripod is not level or the camera is pointing up or down.


For rainy weather: you can keep the camera dry with a plastic bag over the top, leaving only the lens out when there is game action. If the camera gets too wet, it quits. In sunny conditions, make sure the camera is not facing the sun, that might result an unbalanced dark footage.

Pause at Halftime

A good rule of thumb is to only pause the recording during long breaks in the action. In soccer, the only predictable long break is halftime. Being thoughtful with your pauses helps avoid uploading a lot of dead time, which means less video to scrub through later on. We still recommend recording during small breaks, like the ball going out of play or when lining up for a set piece. It’s better to keep things rolling so you know you won’t miss the start of a possession, substitutions, or other quick moments. When pausing filming at halftime, you might want to change battery and memory as well.

Don’t Go Zoom-Crazy

Try to set up your device far enough away so you can get the shape of both teams without zooming in or out. It’s fine to move the camera with the general direction of play, but you don’t want to drive viewers crazy by zooming in and out too frequently.


Scan the field slowly, before kick off, particularly the opponents, so that we can see their organization and positions. As the linesman starts to work, prepare to move the camera if he often takes a position that obstructs your view. If someone walks in front of the camera, don’t be shy about saying “excuse me, we are taping the match”. Most people will be glad to move out of the way.

Coaches are interested in analyzing more than just the player with the ball, they want to see the big picture. By not going zoom-crazy, attackers will be able to analyze how the create space and their decision making on the ball. Defenders will be able to see when to push up, drop off, and tuck in.

Taping the Soccer Action

Avoid jiggling back and forth and up and down. Don’t talk – it has sound. Zoom in and out frequently to adjust to the position of the ball. You will want to see about 20 yards worth of action, 10 on either side of the ball.

Always zoom in fully when the ball is near the opposite side or far end of the field. Otherwise, the people on the tape look like indiscernible ants.

Zoom back when the ball is near so you can keep all the action in frame. If you lose a ball that is punted high into the air, zoom back until you find the ball in the frame. Then zoom in as the ball is about to be headed.

After the Match

Let the tape run during a few moments of post game activity in case there is an incident worth recording or a shirt number we did not see before.

At Gift Video Production, we offer professional video editing services Canada-wide. If you are up for the challenge to shoot your own footage, we will bring them to the next level, while helping you keep your production costs down. Search our blog for many more video tips and contact us to get your video project started!

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