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Video Production and Editing Services

We use advanced video corrections and enhancement to unprofessional footage (color correction, stabilization, noise reduction, etc). Adding the professional touch to your footage, while helping keep your production costs down.

We work on wide variety of video projects: athletic recruiting, music, home personal family, business corporate or promotional, social media, Internet and much more according to your needs and expectations.

In addition to video editing services, we offer audio restoration, quality improvement and analytics, photo slideshow creation and vlogging service.



We offer Professional Video Enhancement Service for all your media and not limited to what’s above. Let us know, what you need. And because not everything is possible, we offer a free evaluation. Send us the file, the detail, you’d like to be clarified and to what level it needs to be clarified. We will only take your project, if your requests are doable. Email us directly for further information.


Many audio and video recordings have unwanted background noise. This is associated with poorly placed microphones, noise induced during recording, excessive background noise, and low volume speaking. Furthermore, we can enhance audio using simple equalization, however some require filters.


Your athlete has spent years preparing for college sports; get a video that properly shows their skills!
Friends and family of the athlete can film hours of games and practices and consumer recording devices provide good enough quality to work with. The athlete can go through the hours of footage and select, what s/he thinks the best segments. We take these segments and professionally enhance, correct and nicely edit them together.


The importance of video production simply cannot be denied, and neither can the impact that it makes upon its audience. Utilizing only state of the art technology and supplying superior customer quality care, we are truly passionate about what we do. When it comes to media production, there are many small details that cannot be overlooked, otherwise you begin to compromise the integrity of the finished product. Allow us to help you build content that produces results.


Our Online Video Editing and Production services can include:

  • Audio level adjustments, mixing
  • Audio Restoration (watch sample)
  • Sound Effects
  • Royalty free music library
  • Sync (audio to visual, audio to audio)
  • Surround editing
  • From Basic to Complex Editing
  • Video Restoration
  • Video Analysis
  • Color correction & grading (watch sample)
  • Effects
  • Multi-camera footage editing
  • 4K, HD editing
  • Any digital format
  • Green Screen Editing (watch sample)
  • Motion Graphics Animation
  • Titles, subtitles & lower thirds
  • Callouts (watch sample)
  • Text animation
  • Intro, montage
  • Presentations


Canada-wide professional online video editing and local production in Toronto and area. We build up your video project from your raw footage, correct, edit and turn it into the project, you imagine.

Contact us with your project idea, info, deadline and budget. Upload your files to our server. Pre-view the edits, request changes until you are satisfied and Download your finished video.


Call: 416 619-7660



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